Guest Artists - Paintings



Portraits in acrylic and resin, with multimedia elements

18”x 24”     $1,200

“Temptation #2”
16”x 20”     $900

“New York’s Mind”
18”x 24”     $1,200


Canadian Geographic Landscapes In Abstract”
Sept 6 - Oct 1, 2017    

RECEPTION - Wed Sept 6, 6:30-9:00 pm

David William Turner is an Ottawa-based artist with a love of geography, and Canadian geography in particular. 

In this 4-week exhibition, we’re delighted to present approximately 30  of Turner’s very original, striking acrylic paintings of Canadian Geographic Landscapes in Abstract.  Working from satellite imagery, he follows our rivers, lakeshores and coastlines with his brush, creatively illustrating the beauty of our rugged geography.

Turner’s intriguing concept, his bold colours and his finely detailed technique give these works strong impact.

“Nipissis Snake”

30”x 30”    $1,200

“MacKenzie Delta #3”

36”x 24”      $800

“Heart of the MacKenzie Delta”

36”x 24”    $800

“Eskimo Lakes”

30”x 24”      $600

“Heart of the MacKenzie Delta 2”

24”x 36”    $800

“Fire and Smoke on the Porcupine River”

24”x 36”    $800