Our gallery features the diverse and vibrant work of resident artist Francisco Castro Lostalo, sculptor, painter and multimedia artist.  He sculpts in stone, ceramic, wood and bronze.  He paints primarily in acrylic - most often incorporating resin and multimedia elements - but also in watercolour and oil.  His passion for colour is obvious in virtually all of his paintings. 

v i s i o n s       g a l l e r y

We’re also pleased to present a variety of work by the following talented guest artists:

Our opening exhibition showcases Francisco’s recent “Giants of the Deep” and “Potpourri” collections of paintings in acrylic, resin and multimedia, as well as many sculptures he has created from white Carrara marble panels that originally formed the facade of First Canadian Place office tower in downtown Toronto. 

From Canada:

   Janet Candido - Ceramic Art

   Rives Dalley Barbour - Painting

   Stuart Stark - Ink on Paper

   Arne Torneck - Collage

From Costa Rica:

   Florencia Madrigal - Sculpture, Painting

   Sebastián Mello - Photography

   Elisa Morera Benn - Painting

   Mariamarta Pacheco - Painting

Beginning this spring, collections of work by additional Canadian and international guest artists will be regular features in the gallery.